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Hey Greg, I would love to have Notes section for each plant. Also a “born on” or “planted/purchased on” date would be great! Thanks #GregFeedback
Brilliant. And maybe a section for measurements and progress.
Omg totes! Greg needs this!!
Yes absolutely!!! We’ll be redesigning the plant card in early 2022 and this is definitely on our radar!

If there’s anything else you’d like to see on a new version of the plant card, keep the feedback coming!
@HyggeVibes yes! You can current out track progress through the moments feature. Just tap on your plant anywhere in the app, then select the purple camera icon.
Yes exactly!
@Kiersten this might be too much sadness, but I wish I could also put a “death” date for plants so I can save records of plants in a way that takes them off my “Oasis”, but doesn’t require me to delete them. This way I can help identify patterns and note why something does so I don’t make the same mistake.
@mariekemom RIPlant date lol
Agreed but unlike a lot of folks I would love to be able to tell some of the folks how amazing their planters are like your blue dragonfly pot. It’s really special. 👍🏼
@JuJuBeans Oh thank you so much! I love it too 🦋
@Hypsie sadly but so necessary 😅😅
Would love a grow light option as well!
Yes! Plus, an option on “last watered” should be “I just got it” or “not known”.
Such a good idea!
@Shazam94 Thank f you go into details, under the “Light” section, at the bottom is Grow Light. Would be great to have a note section if like me, you are constantly moving them around to see where they do better. Like, “12/20/21 Moved under grow light.”
@Shazam94 *If you .. (sorry)
It would be nice to have an option to track when I last fertilized a plant to avoid burning!
@Cea22 If you open your plant in the app, then take a photo, you can mark it as fertilized. Just an idea for now.
@Hypsie thanks I did not know that was an option! Yeah I agree definitely with maybe like a log book to keep track of changes made.
And the ability to rearrange plants in my oasis. I added them in random order and would love to have all the ones that live near each other in real life be close together in the app
And the ability to edit erroneous watering entries. I just deleted a watering entry by accident (from 2 days ago) and can’t see a way to put one in other than for today.
@Deadhappypotamus Yes, love that idea!

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