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Care tips for monstera deliciosa!
I could use your care tips/watering schedule for monstera deliciosa. My husband got me a new baby cause I overwatered my other and it went downhill and I’m so sad 😭 so I don’t want the same to happen to this beauty! Thank you!!
I’ve only had mine for a month so can’t be too much help, but I made him some new soil from coco coir, perlite and worm castings. I found the ratios on a Planterina video. I also only water when my water meter reaches dry. So far he has put out two new leaves and it looks like there are another two brewing.
I've owned my Monstera few a while now, and they dont really require fertilizer for a good while, but if you want to mix in some foxfarm fertilizer in your soil, preferably slow release, give it a good view of the sky, both of mine have southeast facing windows and are on the desk, so they get direct sunlight about 8 hours a day, of course this depends on your specific zone. Cut off dying stems and once it needs a repot, try propagating a few stems, makes the mother happier(in my experience) and you get more plant baby's.
I like to bottom water mine. I don't necessarily use a schedule, I use Greg more like a guideline because I wait until it's on the low end of moist almost dry before I water it.

I also like to give the leaves a good shake while I water to help them grow strong.

I use bright indirect light as I've noticed too much direct light can burn the leaves. Definitely cut those leaves that are at the end of their life cycle so the plant can focus more on splitting those leaves.

When you're ready to repot, upgrade to no more than 2 inches bigger and I don't pack the soil either.

You can do this! 😊 watch the water and you'll be ok!

You can do this 😊

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