Posted 3w ago by @Spookiewhookie

Got 2 of these from Costco the other day and this one has some yellow leaves? Not sure what’s wrong because it looks healthy otherwise. Any tips would be appreciated never had a monstera before now :)
4ft to light, indirect
8” pot without drainage
Last watered 1 month ago
Probably inconsistent watering. I would prune the yellowing leaves with sterilized scissors. Sterilize by pouring rubbing alcohol over the scissors.
@Shaubplantshack yeah I’m not sure how much they watered it and it was on a dark shelf. I don’t mind the yellow leaves tho do I need to prune them or can they be saved?
@Spookiewhookie the leaves cannot be saved. They will die and fall away. You can cut them off. οΏΌ
I got Wayne and Garth at Costco too! Garth did have one small lower leaf turn yellow that I just removed today, otherwise I already have like 5 new leaves between the two!
Not regulated watering and lack of humidity, just let the plant absorb as much of the dying leaf until it drops off naturally ☺️

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