Posted 2w ago by @Lilrainbowgrl

My pothos has a bunch of yellow leaves. I haven’t changed its location or watering schedule.
9” pot with drainage
Last watered 2 weeks ago
Is it growing enough to get root bound? Mine does that sometimes and I move to bigger pot and it is happy again
Are those leaves crispy at all? It looks like it could be underwatering. Your plant card says it was last watered 30 days ago, that's a pretty long time for a plant that's in 12 inch pot and pothos like their water. If it's under watered, the plant will also be droopy.

Try putting it the bath/sink and giving it a good rinse and let it sit until it's not dripping anymore. It seems to bring the plant back to life and the leaves perk up as well. My pothos normally need water 1 to 2 times a full week. Definitely keep plucking those leaves so it doesn't focus the energy on them 😊
Well two things. Your plant card says it has no drainage. You'll want to repot it in something with drainage. Secondly, it says it hasn't been watered in a month! They like to dry out between waterings, but they don't like to stay dry for long. You might want to think about watering more often... Maybe also fertilize if you don't already. (:
Thanks everyone! It was starting to get rootbound even though the pot is bigger than the rootball?? So I added some compost+potting soil underneath and gave it a good soak. The pot does have drainage I just don’t know how to change it on the plant card 🤦‍♀️
Oh, well that's easy! Go to your oasis, click the plant, click either the name or the three dots, then edit details. (:
Sometimes leaves just are done. It’s ok.
Mine recently had a few leaves turn and the awesome people here told me that it was perfectly normal for the older ones to do this… so if they were closer to the “base” that may be natural shedding/dying off. Just something to keep in mind before you get overly upset like I did

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