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Project Imperial #1
After a long 2 hour battle with this dude I think I won in the end πŸ˜‚

It ended up breaking apart into 10 different plants (found #10 after the photos as it jumped out of the bin). Some only have aerial roots at this point while others have botte roots, but they all look healthy.

I have never seen a plant so wrapped up in itself as this one. A lot of the aerial roots were growing inward towards the center and were caught in between the different offshoots. Some got snipped in order to free each piece from the parent plant but I think they'll all survive in the end.

Some are in a prop pot to gain their own bottom roots but I haven't potted up the rooted ones yet. You can see big mama in one of the photos, along with three of her rooted babies I snipped off. I'm thinking about potting the rooted babies together in a larger pot, but I'm not sure what size pot they would need if I did. Mom probably needs at least a 6" pot of her own but let me know if you think she needs more room than that.

I'll tackle the other one I picked up this weekend here in the coming days. I may need to start shipping these guys out to new homes soon or I may end up overrun with them 🀣
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Wow what a cool project! There are never enough plants, just remember!
@tmbryant37 wishing you luck. I know you can make anything grow Tabetha. Are you going to be using #PothosWater for your props? πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’―πŸ’―πŸŒ±πŸŒ±πŸ’šπŸ’š I absolutely love πŸ’• this project.
Wow that took some work but what great results. 😍🌿
I'm with @KikiGoldblatt on propping in pothos water, I think that stuff is liquid gold πŸ₯°
Wow! What a HUGE PLANT! It's so healthy!
@greenleafeater @Sassylimey @KikiGoldblatt @sarahsalith

Thanks everybody! Most of this plant got potted up last night, and the parts needing roots are in stratum right now. I have been a slacker and don't have any pothos propping right now but I hope to get some going soon.

I just posted the second of these plants a couple hours ago and it yielded 11 separate plants in total. So if anybody wants one I have a farm's worth right now 🀣
@tmbryant37 I'm down! Maybe your local grocery store has some cheap photos? 🧐
@greenleafeater I have plenty of pothos plants like Nanette there in my Oasis, I just haven't given her a haircut yet because I keep finding other plant projects that are more timely. The chores never stop but they're worth it

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