Posted 5M ago by @BiggestMullein

What pest is this?

My palm is browning and I just found out its because of some kind of pest. Could someone identify it and tell me how to help my plant(s)?
3ft to light, indirect
4โ€ pot without drainage
Last watered 11 months ago
Oh no! Have you seen them crawling? I think maybe thrips. Could be spider mites, they are under the leaves and also makes small webbing between the leaves if heavy infestation.
Shower the plant and leaves to get rid of most of it, then spray with either neem oil, or you may try a solution with soapy water (1 part soap, 9 part water). It dries the creepers out (and may also dry the leaves a little, but most plants tolerate it well). Repeat after a few days until all is gone.

Quaranteene the plant. If it's thrips they grow wings as adults! Even the spider mites will hang on to you and spread everywhere ๐Ÿ™ˆ
Thank youu