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Are Hoya sunrise easy or difficult?
I’m looking around for some new plants and I came across #HoyaSunrise. I was wondering how easy it was and if I should consider getting one. I’m also open to suggestions and am looking for something that does not need direct light, doesn’t need to be watered too frequently, something with big foliage, green or multi-color leaves, something that doesn’t flower because I don’t want to pick up dead flowers, and something safe to pets. Thanks!! #PlantAddict #wishlistplant #Hoya #HoyaHangout #PlantsMakePeopleHappy #PetSafePlants
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@Leensha-Lou A rare hybrid of Hoya lacunosa and Hoya obscura, Hoya 'Sunrise' is a climbing vine of variegated glossy green and burgundy-colored leaves – the latter of which highlight the intricate network of veins, creating a gorgeous pattern. Be sure to water your Hoya thoroughly, so the entire soil becomes wet. They like to dry out more than most plants, so only water them again once the soil is thoroughly dry. If they do not dry out between waterings, they will rot quite easily. Courtesy of Plant Circle
The sunrise is BEAUTIFUL! Especially when it’s sunstressed!
The Hoya Macrophylla is fun cause it has huge leaves and pretty foliage
The Hoya Quinquenervia has larger leaves and fun veins
Hoya Australis Lisa has yellow green and the occasional pink
Obviously there’s more but there’s some off the top of my head ! Most Hoya love to dry out. And they’ll only flower in certain conditions
@jcPlantProper Thank you for the suggestions!!!!
Most Hoyas are actually pretty easy! The ones @jcPlantProper recommend are great to start out with, the sunrise too!
@Leensha-Lou I personally have never cared for Hoya but now at work they’re all flowering and it’s BEAUTIFUL. it’s not really messy when they drop the flowers
But definitely getting the ones with pretty foliage is so fun!
@Ms.Persnickety are you saying sunrise is the rare hybrid?
@jcPlantProper what’s your website?
@PlantyPlanter It might not be β€œthe β€œ rarest of Hoya plants: I have found 21 more Hoya plants that are uncommon I will list them for your reading pleasure:
1Hoya Callistophylla β€œ Incrassata. β€œ. Carnosa. β€œ. Retusa. β€œ. Macrophylla. β€œ. Nummularioides. β€œ. Krohniana. β€œ. Neuschkeliana. β€œ. Serpens. β€œ. Sigillatis. β€œ. Australis. β€œ. Polyneura. β€œ. Leytensis. β€œ Multiflora. β€œ Sipitangensis. β€œ Merrillii. β€œ Kerrii. β€œ. Caudata. β€œ Sp. Sunrise (wax vine). β€œ Wayetii (Hindu rope). β€œ Curtisii (Hoya Aloha). To summarize, these uncommon Hoya plants combine colorful star-shaped bouquets with intriguing foliage styles that range from cute heart-shaped succulents to wiry, rampant stalks. courtesy of Whyfarmit!
@Ms.Persnickety but the sunrise was the Hoya hybrid you were talking about in the first comment right?
I got one recently and love it. I think Hoyas are all pretty easy. I highly recommend. I had to repot mine (which I’m trying not to do for any plants) because I ordered from Etsy and got taken on the first one. It was tiny when it arrived. I ordered a second one and put them together in a small pot. I see them a lot of places now but they were hard for me to find this summer when I wanted one. Here’s mine now
@Lynnja it looks beautiful. I think I’m going to have to find some.
@Leensha-Lou you definitely should!
I’ve had mine a year and it’s just starting to grow! its not a difficult plant though. Which is to say it hasn’t died πŸ˜‚
@Ms.Persnickety a few more πŸ˜‰
H. Meliflua
H. Memoria
H. Caudata

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