Posted 1M ago by @TurtleDove78

Anyone know what is causing these brownish yellow holes t...

3ft to light, direct
5” pot with drainage
Last watered 1 day ago
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@TurtleDove78 I hate to be the bearer of bad news but your BV Baesil looks to be suffering from spider mites. They are so small for us to see them that by the time you do, they have already caused damage. I’m not sure if Neem alone will fix the issue. You might want to purchase insecticidal soap or Captain Jacks Dead Bug. I have had much success in eliminating mite break outs with Captn Jacks. Bonide actually has another insecticidal spray called Mite. I’m finding if I rotate both sprays, I usually can rid of them quicker. If you own Alocasias you will need to have these sprays on hand for occasional outbreaks. The πŸ•·οΈ mites love the Alo’s. Good luck with treatment & keep us posted.
@Aikalovesphilos I only water her a 1/2 cup of rain water when my moisture meter stick says she is dry on top 2 inches of soil in her drainage pot. Every 10-12 days or so. I've had to skip a watering even. She is facing a West window and does get any harsh sunlight. Yes, I have been checking for pests- I don't see anything visible. I'm also new to this and not sure if I'm missing something. As a precautionary measure I quarantined her and sprayed down her leaves and undersides with neem oil after watering this morning. I hope those details help narrow down what is causing these ugly looking burns.
Oops.. DOES NOT get any direct harsh sunlight. I don’t know how to change the app setting for light to indirect.
@Aikalovesphilos Is a ceiling fan being on above all day a bad thing for these plants?
@Rockrlee I really appreciate the information about the spider mites. I will get some spray and keep her quarantined.
I’m worried she may have infected my philodendron also. Are these brown spots spider mites as well?
@TurtleDove78 I’m not πŸ’― sure. The best way I can describe it…If you look on the under side of every leaf very closely, usually you will see a dust speck that moves when it’s disturbed. The mites are that small. And if there is webbing it would mean they had time to really infest. It wouldn’t hurt to treat any or all plants just to be sure. These insecticides will not harm your plants. Permanent damage from mites usually looks like pin holes or tiny white spots on the leaves & brown spots or scars. Just to assure you, we all get mites at some time or another. You may need to treat your plants more than once. When you see them once, you will know what to look for in the future. I hope this helps.
Is this spider mite damage? I just noticed it 2 days ago. Do your leaves weep? I have a leave that is weaping too?
@Rockrlee I have the same thing going on with my Black Velvet alocasia. πŸ‘ŽπŸΌ I’ve sprayed it down with insecticide spray 3 days in a row. How long do I wait til I can put him back with his other planty friends?
@GrownFuchsia I usually keep mine isolated for a couple weeks. I examine the undersides of the leaves. Thats where they usually hang out.
@Rockrlee thank you, madame!