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My plant has yellow leaves and brown spots on some leaves. It has drainage. What can be the problem?
Your plant could be getting too much water or too much direct sunlight. The plant card indicates there is no drainage but you say it has drainage. A pot with drainage helps to prevent overwatering. A pothos will grow well in bright indirect lighting. Direct sun can cause the leaves to burn with yellow and brown spots.
I agree, your plant could be getting too much direct sunlight. It could also be that the plant is root-bound. This means the roots are sticking to the pot and you will need to repot if you want the brown tips to stop occurring.

If you cut the brown tip leafs and keep the plant in the same pot the leafs can grow bigger but keep in mind you will continue to have brown tip leafs that you will have to cut
I think I’m watering too often. I’ll wait longer between watering. Thanks
@Pegster my house gets very little sun. I’m surrounded by lots of trees. I’ll cut back on watering and see what happens. I’ll also check the roots. Thanks
Could also be fertilizer burn... Do you fertilize?
I agree with the others….cut back on the watering, they like to be dry between waterings….also I would see if u need to repot it. And do some clean up by cutting off dead leaves and stems and such.
@WickedValkyrie yes. I’ll take a break from that also. Thanks for the suggestion.
@SlimvilleTN thanks.
Ohhh no
@Pegster That was very helpful. I love those plants
I think you should use Aloe Vera gel as a fertilizer.
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I noticed that the leaves on your Golden Pothos are mostly green. This is an indication it’s not getting enough light. The amount of light it receives will determine the amount of variegated on the leaves.
If you want to increase the variegation on your Golden Pothos, place your plant in a location with lots of bright indirect sunlight. Water your Golden Pothos thoroughly once it has completely dried out. I hope your plant live long and be prosperous.
@WickedValkyrie yes. I’m going to take a break from fertilizing for a while
@sgnursery tell me more about using Aloe as a fertilizer
@Ada3 it’s sad, my house has lots of trees and therefore very little sun. I may have to invest in some plant lights
First cut a leaf of aloe vera and cut it into pieces and soak them in a glass of water for 24 hours. Then the water has to be drained and put at the base of the tree.
Not sure if anyone else has said it already but, I let my pothos dry out almost completely before I water them. Not to the point where the soil is pulling away from the sides of the pot, but to where I can dig down to at least my second knuckle and it's dry. Usually the leaves get a bit droopy and dramatic looking and that's when I know it's time to water they perk right back up within a couple hours of being watered... Best of luck with this baby and keep us updated!

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