Posted 3w ago by @Gtrain03

Weird leaf wilting
I’m growing dwarf sunflowers. I came home yesterday & one of the leaves was looking like this. Any ideas what’s going on here? I just watered it yesterday & the soil seemed pretty dry when I watered it, so I don’t think it’s overwatered, but that’s about the only thing I can think since this happened after I watered it. Any insight is appreciated!
Was it leaning against anything or could something brushed up against it?

Good thing is- those are the older leaves, they may fall away soon anyway. (: The newer leaves are going to be bigger and better and stronger!
No, it’s on a stand near the window. Nothing else can touch it. There’s another leaf also looking like that now in another one of the sprouts. The rest of it looks good and healthy. Aside from this set of leaves, there are already 3 other sets. I’ve just got a couple of weird rogue leaves.

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