Posted 3w ago by @Morgan3300

Is this guy ready for dirt??
0ft to light, direct
2” pot with drainage
Last watered 3 days ago
@Morgan3300 can we see the current roots? If they are 3 inches long then yes it’s ready.
Rule of thumb is 3inch roots but you look like you have quite a nice root system there! But let me tag some ppl who will be able to better advise you. @RJG @sarahsalith
@KikiGoldblatt just took that picture this morning!
@LatiTish84 thank you!
I agree with both @KikiGoldblatt and @LatiTish84 !
Here’s a better picture
@Morgan3300 you can pot this. Probably want to keep the soil a bit more moist than usual as it acclimates from water to soil
I think you can pot that baby up! Just be gently with the delicate roots- it looks REALLY healthy! (:
I would pot!
Thanks everyone!!:)
Oh wow! This is an amazing root system. I’d totally leave in the water cause it’s so pretty 🀩

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