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My butts are wrinkly πŸ₯²
Pebbles and BamBam are throwing me a curveball. They've been pretty chill, but I had to repot them about 2-3 weeks ago due to a tipping incident. 😬

Since then, Pebbles has been wrinkly af. I watered within the last week and she is just not having it. Is it possible that BamBam is choking out her roots?
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2” pot with drainage
Last watered 1 week ago
@Jana85 what do we think πŸ‘€
It kind of looks like both of them are wrinkly to me. Could it be from not having enough water? I have never grown these myself so I don’t actually know. I’m just guessing
@PlantMama123 The larger one is definitely firmer, but yea, it's starting to wrinkle. My understanding of these is that they need little water. I watered last week when I noticed the wrinkles and it did not like that.
The most common reason for wrinkly lit hops is under watering especially in warmer weather. The leaves dry and shrivel.
@Pegster I watered them probably last Monday/Tuesday and the wrinkles got worse 😞 I hadn't watered it for like 2 weeks before that.
Funny I named my minis pebbles!
@discreetwildyam so I decided to take to some research on why succulents get wrinkly and apparently, in the article I read, it’s because they are getting too much water… they said it is kind of similar to how your fingers wrinkle when submerged in the water too long
I had my split rock die… I watered during summer which is supposedly a dormancy period. I hope yours are ok!!! πŸ₯²
@discreetwildyam I think their fine unless their wrinkly on the top (wait for jana85 to be sure tho as I’ve killed every plant I’ve ever had and currently have none)

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