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Succulent atmosphere
Plant porch with natural light at 80-100 degree with 83% humidity or inside around 70 degrees and dry with mixed natural and grow lights. Still fighting fungus and all… reverting to using cinnamon, diatomaceous earth. Farina is sliding off…about to start repotting…annoyed… #PlantsMakePeopleHappy (not today!)
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I love my cinnamon too. My fungus gnats drove me to incorporate carnivorous plants. I added a sundew & venus fly trap. Bottom watering is helpful as is adding stones to cover soil. Good luck!🤞
@McWifey thanks girl! So many of my plants don’t seem to like butt chugging. I’m putting lava rocks in every big pot moving forward!!! Diatomaceous earth on top of it all!!
@Yeeha234 butt chugging is new to me and cracked me up 😂
@malobee I was recently introduced to it myself. It is pretty funny.
Almost all my plants get a good #buttchug and so far no gnats 🦟
I recently learned about butt-chugging too. 😂 @Sassylimey is it ok to bottom-water every time or just occasionally?
I butt chug my plants every time I water @TJphilobsessed 😂
@Yeeha234 I repotted all of my plants that got hit with gnats. I’m sorry your still dealing with issues. Hopefully they will get better.
@Sassylimey thank you. For me it would be easier.
@KikiGoldblatt Sadly everything on the porch is not doing well. I cannot find the root cause! I legit cannot afford more Bonsai Jack and it’s waaaay too hot to try and bake it safe…I’ll have a post here soon…

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