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I got my first plant ever!!

#GoldenPothos This is little baby Oona! My best friend propagated her for me. It would absolutely break my heart if I killed her so I want to make sure I do everything right. I know all the basics but does anyone have any extra advice? #NewPlantMom
4” pot with drainage
Last watered 5 days ago
Congratulations! 😍πŸͺ΄
Make sure she doesn't have direct sunlight, and I tend to water mine from bottom. Every week and it can lead even to week and a half or maybe fwo weeks. That way its easier to prevent gnats. 😁
I know how it is to kill plants that are gifted to you from someone you love. (I have killed every singe plant I land my hands on)
Thanks so much!!
Don’t over water it too much and let it dry out between waterings. I have pothos and I am a kid. I like plants.
Pothos are super easy, and will take a lot of stress. Should only need water once a week, but to be extra good, stick your finger up to the first knuckle in the dirt. If it's dry, water. If it's damp, don't water.
Pothos is a great first plant! I echo what everyone else has said and also be mindful of it when you have heat or a/c on πŸ’š
Pothos are SOOOO EASY! I made sure my daughters had them as their very first plants. From her Pothos, my oldest daughter became a plant addict like me. @Hharper2
Enjoy watching it grow. πŸͺ΄
Oh, and FYI, ALL my gazillion Pothos are in WATER πŸ’§. I ditched soil due to fungus gnats.
That’s a good friend! They gave you one that probably won’t die. Tips: plants need less attention than you may think. Most plant deaths are due to overwatering. Plants that start looking a little thirsty will perk up and go back to normal after you water them. Always use pots with a drainage hole. When you water, water thoroughly until there is no dry soil. Houseplant soil comes with plenty of nutrition so you don’t need to fertilize. Eventually you may want to combine your Pothos with some more so it looks like a fuller plant and less like a single long string of leaves. Edit: oops you said you know the basics. Oh well haha, maybe it’ll help someone
Welcome Oona!
So exciting!! πŸ₯³ Congrats on your first plant baby. πŸ’š Pothos are resilient and easy to care for so I’m sure you’ll do great! 😊
What does it mean when some of the smaller leaves curl up tight? The plant is otherwise green and healthy
Aww it’s so cute! I had one that big and it grew a ton! It grew in water. I gave it to my coworker when I moved which i regret. Lots of great advice above!
Congrats!!! These guys love to dry between wateringsβ€” I’m talking bone dry! If you overwater the leaves will yellow, die off, and it’ll be susceptible to pests. You couldn’t have picked a better choice for your first plant in my opinion. These are so rewarding regarding growth and beauty! Enjoy πŸ’œ
Congratulations new plant mom! πŸŽ‰ πŸͺ΄ πŸ’š
Congrats!! You'll be a great first-time plant parent. We are here for you.
I also had started my gardening with the same plant six months back so can connect with u.. Now it is happily climbing on my window grillπŸ˜„.. It is very easy to maintain them.. I add cow manure every two month nothing else
when it gets longer you can wrap the vines around in the pot to make it grow fuller if i’m correct
Best advice, be nice to yourself. If your plant doesn’t make it, that’s ok. Just do your best, internet search and libraries are where I get most of my plant knowledge. But it’s ok to fail and try again.
I took my Pothos out of dirt and she’s growing nicely in a tea pot of water! So that’s an option if you find problems with dirt. I refill the distilled water up to the top once a week.
What a great gift from a great friend. I wld love receiving plants too. Dont overwater, check the soil before any watering and it should be fine. Gd luck n njoy the process caring for plants
Congratulations Allie! This is the beginning of a beautiful journey!
Love and light ✨️
I guess listen to Greg and the watering frequency and amount. Very easy to overwater!
Don’t let the soil dry completely out water once a week very easy to manage keep out of the sun I have one that is 30 40 foot long about 40 50 on root ball!

Check out mine. If you ever need anything hit me up.

Pothos are easy.
@HyggeVibes how interesting! I didn’t know you could do this! I have one that will be 25 years old I’m Oct!
Oh the places she will go! Congrats- there are so many other types of pothos that you can add to your collection too. If you like when she gets older propagate her and stick her back and she will become fuller
@Jeana yep, just some of my thriving water plants.
@HyggeVibes I love them!!!
How cute! I hope you enjoy your baby