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New plant
I just went to a rummage sale and saw this cute looking plant. The lady who was selling the plant said it was a canna lily. It'd be nice to get some tips on how to take care of it :)
Full sun is where mine are and they have to be at least 7-8 feet tall now
Agree with @WholeRockcress I'm a desert dweller and my canna lillies have no problem with the heat/sun. Although I don't have them in direct sun all day. Just the am/early afternoon because Vegas sun is not normal sun.
Yes!! @WholeRockcress and @discreetwildyam are right.

Mine are on the south side of my house but in the shade and their growth is stunted, but they still look good!
@discreetwildyam I’m in southwestern VA and they get full sun in the afternoon. Going strong!
Some new flowers and some old
@WholeRockcress 😍😍😍
Ok, thanks!

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