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Need help with my dragon tree!
My dragon tree doesn’t get direct sunlight in my apartment so I set him up under a grow light. I haven’t seen any progress though. Any advice?? #GrowLights #helpneeded #DragonTree #CornstalkDracaena
Patience! Sorry that all I have.
They do grow rather slowly and don’t like direct sunlight anyway. If you can give him indirect low light, he will be happy. I don’t know about the grow light but to me, the browning says too much light. Hopefully you will get advice from others about the grow light but mine brown in direct sunlight when they get any at all. Good luck and let us know what you do and his progress. But don’t expect quick growth, just to look healthy.
Ok, thank you both!
You have new growth. They grow a bit slower if they don't have indirect, bright light. But as long as you see little leaves in the middle, it's growing! (:
@sarahsalith thank you! Should I cut out the brown leaves? Does the brown mean too much light has been put on them?
I find that yes, it does. You don’t have to cut off the entire leaf. You can just cut off the brown part. That’s what I do. The rest can still serve the plant’s health.
@Plantparents23 the tips can mean it was just dry too long at one point. You can leaf them alone or you can trim them. Some nurseries trim them at an angle so they are less noticeable.
@Plantparents23 I think you may cut the brown leaves so that it will not sores on your eyes and remove the dried leaves on below. So that it won’t invite a bugs or insects. 😊

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