Posted 4d ago by @HotHarebell

What's wrong with my aloe vera plant?
It lives in a pretty sunny south facing window. I water every 2 weeks or so according to what greg tells me. Should I water more or water less? I've already lost 2 leaves :( #aloe #aloevera
Just from these pictures, I think it would do better in a terracotta pot, And may need a bit bigger pot.
Is it in a bathroom? Maybe set it in the window or move it. Aloe don't like being humid
Greg learns through you entering if you snoozed or watered so, for right now, don't go off what the app says. It needs to learn. Use it as a reminder to check the soil for right now. Stick your fingers in and if it feels wet, skip watering. Especially for aloe. I can go almost a month on some of mine. Also, try to keep water out of the crevasses between the leaves. If it sits it'll rot. Chop off that yellow one and let your babe dry out and it should be fine. You may want to check the roots just in case. Like @Roserade mentioned, consider terracotta because it'll pull moisture out of the soil which helps minimize overwatering.
@greenleafeater It is in a bathroom, I'll try a different window
@discreetwildyam every time I water it feels bone dry
@HotHarebell oh that's good then! It means this probably isn't overwatering. I would still check the roots. It might be rootbound. Especially because aloe grows so fast. It might just be time for a bigger pot. It could also just be getting water in between the leaves.
It needs direct light where is it at?
Less water and less sun they will come back with some and attention

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