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why is it turning purple?!
this is my (what i believe is, the plant didn’t come with a label and even greg can’t identify it) dischidia oiantha variegata

when i got it, it had these beautiful green and white leaves but as it grew, it lost its variegation and was just producing green leaves. i’ve been exposing it to full sun to try and get this variegation back and now the leaves are turning purple!

does anyone have any idea what species my plant is and why it’s turning purple?

(pics: purple, purple, original leaves)
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The purple is from the increased sun exposure - this is called sun stress. A lot of people will put certain plants in more sun because they like the coloring of the sun stress.

This plant looks like a peperomia of some sort but they don’t really thrive in my home so I only have like two so I can’t help with ID, sorry!!
My guess is that the purple leaves are sun stress. If you don't like them I'd give it less direct sun and more indirect sun. Variegation will actually burn in direct sun. That said, a lot of people like to sun stress their plants because they love the pinks and purples it brings out!
I searched and could only find this match
@Sassylimey thanks for the search but my plant doesn’t have the jagged edges like this one

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