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Not sure what this white substance is, help?
This all sort of showed up overnight, not sure what's going on here bit should I be concerned? One is a baby aloe and the other is lavender, both have a layer of coco fiber over recycled glass "rocks" for the medium. The plants seem fine for now, I'm more worried for the soil! #help #aloevera #lavender
3ft to light, direct
4” pot without drainage
Last watered 5 days ago
It looks like mold to me. If let them dry out for a bit. You can also remove the mold by scooping and discarding the top soil. Hope that helps :)
it’s mold, i think the soil may be staying too wet for that little aloe
Looks like either mold or a parasite. I would suggest getting new soil with a mix of coconut bark to absorb excess moisture. After that, check all other plants for unusual behavior and things within the first layer of soil. (Parasites and mold can travel to other plants) then I would recommend “quarantining” your aloe for two weeks to prevent infecting other plants. #happyplanting
I agree for the most part of it being mold but if you live in an area with hard water it could be mineral buildup on the soil surface. If I water my plants with tap water I get a white layer but after removing it if I only use distilled or purified water I don’t get the layer. None of them change location/lighting only thing is the water
Thanks to all who helped! Alvin has been replanted in far more drain-friendly soil so he doesn't retain as much moisture, but Velvet sadly didn't make it. When I went to replant her, I noticed some form of larve in her soil and opted to simply try again with a different plant in her pot. I cleaned the pot and am rather sad, but I'd rather be safe than sorry for other plants.
Oh jeez! I had commented earlier in hopes of helping with the stuff on your aloe Vera, and I just looked at my aloe!!!!! IT HAS THE SAME THING! I’m so upset and weirded out by how I saw @PlantDaddy413 post and now have the exact same thing. I guess I’ll have to take my own advice now 😤🤣
I also have hard water and get the white stuff. My plants are healthy and dont seem to care

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