Posted 1M ago by @BusySweetmint

How can I cure my Fairy Castle Cactus? It is yellow and a little watery
8ft to light, indirect
4” pot without drainage
Last watered 1 month ago
@BusySweetmint Hey Isela, it sounds like your plant has been overwatered. I would take it out of the pot, remove the rotting parts of the root, if any, wrap the roots in tissue to rid it of all the moisture, soak for a bit in some Hydrogen Peroxide and then repot it in some cactus or succulent mix.
Hi @Plantoholic.. that’s what I did.. thank you!! I hope it gets better
These guys are pretty sturdy in my experience, and super easy to split up. If part of it goes mushy, break off the rotten bit and replant in cactus mix. I had a giant one that split into four parts, and each section is thriving now!