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Had for only a week and it is slowly loosing leaves and w...

11ft to light, indirect
4” pot with drainage
Last watered 1 week ago
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I have a love/hate relationship with this plant, I’ve had two die (although one was dead on arrival when I got it and in my defense it was one of my first plants 😬). They’re sensitive to overwatering because they’re succulent like, they need a lot of indirect light (not direct), they prefer loose well draining soil (I’d add more perlite and bark, plus make sure it’s not packed too tightly into the pot to allow aeration), and they like humidity. Once I moved mine by a south facing window, put it in looser soil (made sure I didn’t over pack it and it had good aeration), watered it sparingly (once a week might be too often depending on your setup, mine is every 10+ days), and added a pebble plate for humidity, it seems to prefer it. When they’re happy, they’re beautiful, good luck! PS - when one of mine started dying, I clipped a stem with nodes and leaves and propagated it, it rooted and I just planted it today. If it looks like it’s turned and you can’t save it (it happens pretty fast with this plant), clip best parts and propagate them. So, technically… only one died and it wasn’t my fault 😉, because I still have a piece of my other one. 🤣
I’m thinking it might like more light ☀️ your watering is probably fine, it’s always good to check the soil and nut just go by time. But weekly is reasonable, assuming it’s draining well and not sitting in water. Cute little Peperomia! 💚
@debbiedo thank you!!!
@EZLennyLance Thank you so much! This help a lot! Took your advice and cut the dead parts off. Also trying my first time at propagating! Fingers crossed! 🤞🏻😀
@TheMoreYouMo ooohh, good luck! Please show us your progress, I’d love to watch. I’m still propagating 2 of the 3 from mine (planted 1 of the 3 this week); we can compare notes and progress, I’m excited to watch yours.

When I got this plant, I had no idea what the heck I was doing, my first teardrop peperomia was 1 plant of a 12 pack of plants I bought, the FIRST plants I’ve ever bought; it was the actual host plant of cuttings the nursery would sell (SO. MANY. STEMS., there were so many stems/leaves coming off the main stalks from cutting it, you couldn’t see what the plant was, it was creepy), but it was drowned when I got it; the soil was like squeezing out a soaked rag.

Second one, I saw it and thought, I’m going to redeem myself. I planted it and it turned south so fast, overnight half the stalks were killed over, they were black and shriveled where they bent over. I clipped what I could and moved it closer to the sun, it perked up quite a bit, and then slumped again. I loosened the soil and made sure to not over water it, it perked up again, but it was too late and after a little bit, it too slumped over, black at the stem. I was so sad, I’d finally figured out what it wanted and could’ve been successful, but I’d already messed it up too much, too little too late 🤦🏼‍♀️.

So, I was like, “Maybe I can save some of it, propagation is the same all around, right?!” Oh sweet Catharina, no, no it isn’t. So, when I checked on my clippings (I tried to ignore them, so I didn’t disappoint myself), most of the clippings were black from the base of the leaf down the entire stem (no nodes) and I thought they were all dead. As I was getting ready to throw ALL of them out (garbage at the ready), lo and behold… roots on three of them?! What?! No way, how did they live through my learning curve?!! I luckily got a node or three in there and they rooted. I planted the longest rooted one this week and it is still perky, that’s never happened before and now I’m nervous 😂.