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White Butterfly stem snap
Hey All!
Excited to be getting some #GregGang support. My #whitebutterflyarrowhead that I’ve had for a couple years has been growing tall yet straggly lately. Her leaves were bending over more than usual and I noticed at a central part to the middle of the stem, it was dying//looked suffocated. With a fairly easy twist, the whole shoot came off.
Curious why this happened? Was it due to the pot it was in previously not have a drainage hole? Too tall without enough support?
Importantly, can I save this shoot aka repropagate it in water? Unfortunately didn’t get a good picture when it happened, but see shoot to see a similar (less extreme) example of the bottle necking I’m not sure why is happening. Also the mother plant and hoping the original stem won’t rot either?! Thanks for the help and tips in advance! #plantsmakemehappy #propogationstation #ArrowheadPlant #savetheplants
Possible root rot. Remove from pot & check the stem & roots. Anything brown, black or mushy needs to be removed. Mist with Hydrogen peroxide & water, fresh soul & sanitize pot too b4 replacing
@THEDIRTDIGGER thank you for this!!! Will definitely investigate that route :)
Your welcome

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