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Turning red and a couple of leaves drooping

I know the leaves can turn red but I wasn't sure about the rest of it. #Euphorbia
7” pot with drainage
Last watered 2 weeks ago
@PlantyDriver the plant is dying. Can you say more about its care and ensure the data in the plant profile is correct. It allows the community to issue spot. As it now, if there is no drainage that inevitably leads to root rot as excess moisture in the substrate that cannot drain out is the kiss of death for arid dwelling plants
@PlantyDriver I have to respectfully disagree with @TexanExpat . trigona rubra or E. trigona 'Royal Red'), often called the red African milk tree because of its milky white sap and African origin. It's a mutation of the normal form that has triangular green stems marbled with white and small green leaves. Exposed to intense sun, 'Rubra' produces a reddish stem and red leaves. Here’s a website that has more info: Happy Growing!
@Ms.Persnickety @PlantyDriver I have no comment on the color of the leaves—-many succulents turn red upon “stress” by sun. Debta Lee Baldwin discusses this on her blog and in her books. When I originally read your comment I saw what I thought meant “it’s leaves are falling off” and then looked at the sparse foliage which looks like one of mine that had been dying for a while. I don’t know when you acquired the plant or what state it was in but they normally have much more foliage. Whether it is a young plant with its first few leaves or a mature plant that has lost all but a few leaves, when there is not much foliage photosynthesis occurs on a small scale and if the balance between energy used and created falls into a deficient, the plant is in “decline.” If the status quo is not changed, the plant will die. I’ll leave to you to ascertain whether you think it is in decline based on the foliage density, but I myself have two of these plants, one is pictured and the other one was in decline long before I realized it and looked like yours does now for a while. If you think it’s in decline or don’t know we can assess whether it’s getting what it needs and shore up anything that might give the plant a boost
@PlantyDriver I also have an African Milk Tree. It had some issues with tiny critters but we managed to obliterate them successfully. Then I repotted the plant in a Terracotta pot with well draining soil. Lots of coarse soil and gritty mix. When I started watering with rainwater and a bit of fertilizer it took off . It is even growing arms! But growth will slow during the winter since they are winter dormant. But I read that the pot your plant is in has no drainage? I hope that was just an omission on your part, but if it is actually true you should remedy that immediately if they are in wet soil they will inevitably get root rot and that’s bad for the plant and it will die. Good luck 🍀
All the leaves fell off in my move (about 5-6 months ago) you can mark the new growth since the move with all the leaves. Has been getting better and growing until recently (past week)
@Ms.Persnickety Gorgeous!
Your African Milk Bush is gorgeous!
Thank you all for you knowledge and wisdom