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Let’s talk pothos 💛 💚
Alright so I got my giant pothos about a month ago, she’s very happy she’s putting out the most beautiful variegated leaves and so many of them. Probably 6/7 large leaves since I’ve gotten her that being said she’s out growing the plank that she’s on. My Monstera is on a moss pole and my other small golden pothos is on a trellis but this baby really loves the plank, she’s supporting herself 100% by herself with roots on the plank no ties no nothing. She needs a new pot and a new plank. Now friends this is where I need some help. She’s in what looks like a 10” nursery pot, now I’d love to find another nursery pot to put her in because frankly she’s huge, she’s heavy and nursery pots have such better drainage and she’s on a clear plastic saucer and honestly im not bothered by it at all it works and I don’t care 🤣 now my friends how do I go about a new plank, what type of wood, how tall/wide/thick, im totally lost when it comes to this I just know she’s happy on them and needs another one lol, I know I’ll have to temporarily Velcro her vines to the plank just so she can attack over time with her roots and then I’ll take the Velcro off when she’s self supporting, but im just not sure how to go about this process pls help lol #giantpothos #HappyPlants #NKYGregGroup #GregGang #GoldenPothos #RepotSeason #plank #helpneeded #plantmommo #PothosPack #PothosPack #PlantsMakePeopleHappy #NewGrowth #vines #variegatedplants
8” pot
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Polly is huge!

The plank in her profile pic looks like it might be cedar, and in any case that's what I would recommend. Cedar is naturally water resistant and is used a lot in outdoor furniture because of that. This also means it won't rot over time as you water the plant and as it sits in soil. The other reason cedar is good as a plant pole is because it isn't completely smooth and the plant will have some texture to latch onto.

Measure from the bottom of the pot to the top of her current pole and then add 18-24" to decide the length of the new plank. Whatever thickness the existing one is seems fine.

When you repot her put the plank in first, add some soil, place her back in at the base, and finish filling the pot. But do be sure the plank isn't just sitting on top of the soil, it needs to be fully buried to stay upright.

Your local Lowe's/Home Depot should have these and can probably cut the board to length for you if necessary. If you don't have one of these store a lumber yard should have one, and if that isn't an option I'm not sure what to tell you because I e never ordered boards online 😂

Polly is an impressive plant and I'm sure you'll do just fine upgrading her home!
@tmbryant37 Oh my gosh thank you so much I was so stressed 💚
@tmbryant37 wow I was gonna tag you in this and get your thoughts. Wow love 💕 the information.
I just potted up my giant pothos prop. Yours is gorgeous and I can’t wait until mine gets this size!
If you end up needing to order cedar online, let me know. I ordered mine from Etsy and it came fast and just as described! I didn't find any that were a good price / that were the look I wanted locally.
@TheGoodWench Make sure to put it on something so it can grow up it’ll be very happy! 😊
@PlantMompy I’ll check with local places and if not def will get back to you!! 😊
Amazing plant 🪴.
@tmbryant37 Thank you for the very helpful information. My plant is not upright, because I didn’t put the pole in first and didn’t put it deep enough. My plant is in danger of tipping over. Thanks again for the helpful information.

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