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What is going on here?
I received this plant almost two weeks ago, and it was packed fairly bad with lots of crispy leaves / ripping/ brown spots. I figured within a couple weeks it would start to get better. But it just keeps looking worse. Even new growth is crispy and brown. The soil isn’t too wet / too dry, but nothing seems to be cheering it up. Should I ask for a replacement? Or what am I doing wrong here? Maybe more light? #ArrowheadPlant
1ft to light, direct
7” pot with drainage
Last watered 11 hours ago
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I received a beautiful money tree several months ago and had nothing but problems with it. It dropped 50% of its leaves in its first three weeks! @i babied that money tree to no avail. Then I contacted vendor and, after much trial and error, determined it was part of a group that had been potted too deeply in the greenhouse and should not have been sent out. So I repotted it again and it’s doing much better. And the vendor sent me a beautiful rubber plant as an apology. And they were thanking me for contacting them about the money tree.

Always let the shipper know when there’s a significant problem.
My neighbor gave me this plant & it looked just like this one. I put it in a partial sunny place in my window with 4 other plants & it bounced back within a couple of weeks. Looks great!!! He did not have enough sun in his apartment for this plant.
@KeyGingerroot thank you! I’ll try to move it towards more sunlight!
Im still a very new plant owner so I’m learning everyday but I also had a sad arrowhead plant and I added a pebble tray underneath her and she seems happier. She could have also just been adjusting to her new home. I also got her from online.
@yeahwills thank you for the idea! I moved her a tad closer to the window and she looks a little better from yesterday. She’s definitely been a diva compared to my other plants.
I would maybe take her out of her pot and check the roots and repot into fresh soil. The syngoniums I’ve had are nearly impossible to kill lol, and seem pretty tough. I currently have mine growing in a northern window but have also had it in a corner of my bathroom with a southern window. I keep it in a hanging basket (mines older and vining down now) but I don’t do anything special with humidity or anything and it is thriving. Good luck!
@Jenstolt85 thank you for the advice! I did just repot her with fresh soil before this picture. She’s doing a little better with where I moved her, but her leaves are still soooooo droopy.
This is what she looks like currently
@stryker49 no prob, I can’t think of much else then….I even had mine in a dark area for a while as part of a funeral arrangement and it’s the only plant that didn’t die lol. Maybe worse case scenario if it does not get better and you don’t want to toss and try again with one locally, maybe clean off all the soil, rinse the roots and put in a vase of water near a northern or eastern window and see if she bounces back. You can then replant her in soil if you want or leave her in the vase of water. I’ll send you good vibes!!
In the meantime, I’d contact the vendor and ask for a replacement. If we, as customers, don’t inform the vendor when there’s a problem with a plant they shipped, they’ll never know and they’ll never do anything to correct the problem.
@IndyMary thank you for the insight! I actually took pictures right when I got it of how badly packaged it was- it was pretty much thrown in a box with another one. And I have been tracking its progress with pictures, so I think I’ll take your advice and reach out to them because no matter what I do, this plant is just not improving. Thank you so much!!
I’m having the exact same issue now! Received it about 2 weeks ago was poorly packaged but seemed to do fine for a few weeks and suddenly is very droopy (leaves generally look fine otherwise). I moved closer to window (I get good southern light exposure) but let me know if you find anything else that helps!
@Srose hi! I talked to the company and they pretty much gave me the same advice as I’ve been doing and to just give her some time. - let the soil dry completely between waterings, bright indirect light, rotate every day. She is still slightly droopy, but not as much as when I first posted this! I wonder if yours just needs time too? I’ve been thinking about getting a moss pole for it to help with support
I love my Syngoniums but they need to be “just right” lol I received one that had cold damage so bad it look like spinach. I had to cut it all the way back but it revived itself and started pushing out new growth like crazy. Do you see any new growth? Maybe cut back the yucky parts.
@Mell oh my gosh that’s wild! There is a lot of new growth that’s looking very healthy! I ended up putting bamboo sticks to help it perk up until I get a moss pole and it’s doing SO much better now!
That’s wonderful!

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