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To trim, or not to trim?
I tried rooting a turkey fig last summer and it did really well, and then I kinda forgot about it and unfortunately it didn’t fair well over the winter. I thought it was dead, came out to clean the weeds from the pot to reuse it for some other projects, and found new growth at the base! Sooooo now do I trim the top that is definitely dead or leave him be? Also, when should I put him in the ground and any tips for when that time comes?
Trim off the dead. Turkey figs like hot weather. If your local relative humidity is low, you’ll need more water if you want juicy figs. They grow very fast and start putting on fruit once it’s about 2 feet or so. They’re pretty low maintenance!
@TheGoodWench that is so good to know! We’re in the south so we have high humidity summers but now that I know I didn’t kill it, I really want to keep it alive! Thank you!
This is my Brown Turkey. My husband scalped the thing. He watches too many YouTube videos 😆
And wow, look at my messy yard 😬
@TheGoodWench it’s beautiful!!!
I told my husband he’s not allowed to touch anything green! He kills all the plants 🤣

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