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I don’t think I have the correct echeveria type identific...

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3” pot with drainage
Last watered 1 hour ago
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Ok, enough temp stress and she’s pretty light…going to say pearl
This one is tough to say because many Echeveria look pretty darn similar. I’m unsure. But overall the care should be similar for them so I wouldn’t worry about that. I would be curious to find out definitively too!
@CaringCacti I’m just super curious! You can see them in the delivery pic here too, but pics might just be the problem
Yeah it is definitely a tough one. Good luck though! No worries if you don’t remember, but maybe tag me if you find out! I would love to know
@AGsquirrel80 I think Tristan @signorebean) might be better able to give a good opinion of this one...
@Seymour thanks! I’m stumped. Thought maybe a pearl or Lola but really no clue
@AGsquirrel80 I was trying to find a resource someone gave me to help ID them, if I find it I might have a bit more of a go at a reply, but it's when a human answer is so much better than AI! Which I guess is a good thing for us humans πŸ€”πŸ‘πŸ˜€
@AGsquirrel80 ok, I can possibly help but: can I get a pic of the center bud configuration? How long have they been outside? How much sun do they get, what has been the average daily high/low temps where you are?
@PoniesAndPlants when it’s day light again, absolutely!
@PoniesAndPlants temps have bounced around but generally mild. I’m in zone 9. W Coast of FL
@AGsquirrel80 ok awesome! What was coldest/hottest temperature?
@PoniesAndPlants probably 50Β° and 90Β°
Here’s a new pic
@PoniesAndPlants they’ve been outside since about a week after I bought them/delivery, when I finally had new pots. So maybe 2-3 weeks outdoors
@PoniesAndPlants thank you! The little bit of red tips are what kind of threw me off.
@PoniesAndPlants definitely looks like one!