Posted 3M ago by @nila

What type of cactus is this?
i was told it is a #PricklyPearCactus but Greg says it’s a #MoonCactus.
#CactusClique #Cactus
4” pot with drainage
Last watered 1 month ago
Best Answer
It's pricky pear cactus. The ai isn't perfect
@nila Greg says mine is a prickly pear too! Which I’ll take…. but the spikes aren’t as prominent as yours. All I know is mine was taken from the mother plant that I eat from (😋) that’s chillin outside to make a cute plant indoors!
@babyfiretiger13 There’s a whole genus of plants that are called prickly pears so there’s a good bit of variation between them.

The genus name is Opuntia!
@Kiersten what a coincidence I’m preparing some now lol. Thanks for the information! My mom has them all over her backyard, she gave me a small one a while back (which I damaged, but that’s a different story lol) We just call them nopales in Spanish. All I really do know is that they are sooo good! 😋 #CactusClique
The Greg app is probably right because I have a prickly pear cactus and looks nothing like this at all

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