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Did you ever think…


Does it matter the question? No. The answer is, no. 😂

Did I ever think I would have over 100 plants? No.

Did I ever think you could show me ANY plant… even a weed… and I would know its name? Also, No.

Did I ever think I would sit at my kitchen table with my sister googling the difference between Hoya Bilobata, BErtoniae, and Sp. Aff. BUrtoniae, and a Rosita because they all look the damn same?!? No, again!

Did I EVER think I would pay $5.99 for a LEAF??? That’s a hard NO.

Here’s some pics of some new additions I picked up yesterday!

Touché cruel world, touché…

What questions have you asked yourself?
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Best Answer
Do I really need 8 propergations of one plant... 🤔
Yes.. yes, I do.
If there are 8 nodes, we are getting 8 new plants!
I heard that talking to your plants made them happy. Did I think it was true? No though now I do .
They say that smelling your cat can make you have a fatal, delusional “attraction” to them… but we’ve never looked at the science behind how our plants send us into full obsession and psychosis for them, I think the plants are behind this 😳🤔 but it’s fine! 🌱 🪴
@Linx seEeeeriously. Like easy there. I have to ask my other self where I’m going to put all those plants!!
@ILoveMyPlants 😂 YES! I can’t get mad at them. Or even upset at them. It’s like I cover their ears and say “shhhh, I’m sorry, did I hurt your feelings?”
@itsjordan they have to be! There is no other explanation!
Do plants have feelings? Yes, and anytime I find myself snappy at one, I apologize and tell them I love them and I didn’t mean it. Does playing hard to get work with some plants? Also yes, sometimes I can’t give away my feelings or it ends in death. If I let a plant know I love them too much, they’ll die just to spite me. #EasyLenny #HowAmIHere #WhoAmI
@EZLennyLance 😂 it’s true. I have to give my favorites a side eye glare regularly to keep them on their toes. I have to play them off against each other so they don’t think I really like them.
Who ever thought I’d waste good vodka ! But it kills Sneaky Weed ! A few shots for me a gallon for the Sneak 🤬
@TheOddAsity 😂😂😂Gotta love it !
@ILoveMyPlants a gallon? What kind of indestructible sneak weed are you working with?!? Is it radioactive? 😂
@TheOddAsity Ha guess we’ll see ! If the police are called for a glowing old lady 😩
I never thought I would make a special trip to Walmart just to see what kind of plants they have because in the back of my mind I KNOW they have pink princesses and alocasias... And I KNOW I'm gonna buy one.
@JesssJungle the one you scored today is beautiful! I never have really been drawn to philos (because I can’t seem to keep them alive) but that one was really pretty!
@TheOddAsity , thanks, I knew as soon as I saw her, she was coming home with me. 🩷 Philos like me, and I like them. 😁
@JesssJungle I have 3 philos that I’m working on to keep alive. If I can do it, I really do want a PPP. 💗