Posted 1w ago by @teebeetbh

fiddle leaf fig isn’t growing ):
i have her about 3-4 feet away from a window getting decent indirect light. she’s also right next to my humidifier which i turn on every night. she was under a grow light for a month or two but still no growth. any tips ??
Try moving her even closer to the window! FLF can actually handle a little direct light. They’re gluttons for light, so she’ll love to be in the brightest spot in your home! Other than that, she may just be winding down for the fall and winter season. Some plants just seem to take a pause from active growth around this time of year.
What’s the watering schedule? Make sure you’re watering it properly and not letting it get too dried out. Also they love being cut back if the growth is stagnant. It is very common! Oh and fertilizer!!

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