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What should I do about my tree aeonium stem drooping?

3” pot with drainage
Last watered 7 months ago
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@PlantDude I doubt that this is an Aeonium. It could be a pachyphytum or Pachyveria (pictures from the top are required for identification). This baby that is falling just needs to be removed from the stem and planted. I would make two cuts like in the photo. Then, I would cover the cut with cinnamon to prevent rot and keep the baby in a dry, cool place for three days. The cut needs to callous over. In three days, you can place it on top of dry soil. Afterward, I’d place the pot with the new plant in a bright place, but avoid direct sunlight. Do not water it at all for at least 2 weeks. Just don’t expose it to direct sunlight, or it may dry out.
@PlantDude Tree Aeonium is pulling a dramatic lean! Time to troubleshoot and help it find its backbone again: Light Quest: Check if it's getting enough light. Aeoniums like bright, indirect sunlight. Lack of light can cause them to stretch and droop.
Water Wisdom: overwatering is a common culprit. Make sure the soil isn't staying too wet. Let the top inch of soil dry out before watering.
Root Inspection: Gently take a peek at its roots. If they're unhealthy or crowded, it can lead to drooping. Pot Power: If it's in a pot, ensure it has good drainage. Sitting in water can cause stress.
Support System: For taller Aeoniums, you might need to provide some support to help them stand tall. pruning Magic: If the stem is stretching too much, you can prune it back to a healthier point.
temperature Love: Aeoniums prefer mild temperatures. Drastic temperature changes can lead to drooping. Give it some TLC, adjust its surroundings, and it might just regain its former upright glory. Sometimes, plants just need a little nudge to get back on their feet – or stems!
Your plant looks more like an type of Echeveria. This is how they multiply. They can end up hanging and creeping over time.

How long have you had it? I'm worried that the pot might not have good drainage and those plants need to be dry most of the time. They also like LOTS of light- they need to see the sun not just take a peek every once in a while.

If you just got it August 4, then I bet it acclimating. Did you recently change the pot? Because disturbing it would cause it to droop.

Most of my succs are in terracotta pots and outside or on a southwest window sill to get the best light.

I'm glad you found Greg, A!
Here is my Tree Aeonium. I bet @vvvelo can tell you the name of your pretty plant. (:

(Pay no attention to the chicken-pecked leaves. 😬)
@sarahsalith I got it in about march from IKEA, it used to look very different. Since I thought at the beginning it could be a jellybean plant at first, I popped a leaf off a while ago and it grew
@vvvelo the plant is already growing roots, should I still let it callous?
@PlantDude yes, the cut has to callous over. Because it may start to rot. Also, your succulents looks like Graptoveria Bashful.