Posted 1M ago by @Pothead777

Why aren’t her leaves fenestrating? 
Hello! 🪴I’m reaching out to my plant loving community to see if anyone can help me figure out why my girl hasn’t grown any fenestrated leaves. Some have suggested she is too young and others have said that I may not have a monstera that produces fenestrated leaves. But she has been with me for almost 2 years and when I first got her she did have some leaves that were fenestrated. Just trying to see my girl live up to her fullest potential! Please help!!!
3 possibilities. One is that the plant is root bound. Two is maybe trying to put on a pole for it to climb up. I could not see any plant information I your profile for the plant. Three Could just be simply the growing conditions are not favorable. Looking at the stem between the nodes looks a bit long and the petiole length that indicate that the plant is looking for light.
I agree with @Gordo … might need to grow into a bigger pot
Thanks so much!! I’ll try it 😊

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