Posted 4w ago by @gingypine

How can i prevent my moses from its leaves wilting and tu...

1ft to light, direct
4” pot without drainage
Last watered 1 month ago
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Hey, welcome to Greg! For Winnie there’s a few things I would do. The first that I think is probably most important for her is making sure that the pot has drainage. So if she has wilting brown leaves right now I’d take her out of her pot and check her roots for root rot. Remove any brown squishy sections of roots. You can use a plastic pot with drainage inside of a cover pot (without drainage) if you want the decorative look, just make sure the water drains out all the way before putting her back in the decorative pot and that she’s not sitting in the water at the bottom. Or you can also drill holes in decorative pots that don’t have them when you get them. When you put her back in a pot with drainage, I’d use a succulent soil, they like the soil being slightly acidic. Also they don’t like direct sun, so pay attention to what kind of light she’s getting to not burn her leaves.
@VerdantFlora Thank you!