Posted 1M ago by @SirFierycostus

New plant-parent with confusing leaf symptoms

#Dracaena I recently a friend's plants since they hadn't been watered in months. I've watered twice on days 0 and 7 but haven't since (now day 14). I'm unsure why this is happening or how to save it.
1ft to light, indirect
4โ€ pot without drainage
Last watered 23 hours ago
@SirFierycostus with it turning brown from the middle that's probably stem rot. Feel the stalk. If it's squishy that's what's going on.
If she wasnโ€™t ready to be watered yet it could be root rot I would check the roots. Was it already like this or did the leaves start browning after you watered it?
The roots out of the bottom look dry and the stem feels firm. But assuming there may be some rot, what should I do?
Also, the leaves started browning from the tips upon moving to my place but the black center is new as of a week ago (about day 7)
Trim the brown parts , when you cut them in a V -shape just like it's original look . Then repot it on size bigger pot and check for rot roots at the time you repot it