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When to actually water a succulent? The dirt is dry but h...

0ft to light, indirect
6” pot with drainage
Last watered 4 weeks ago
I water mine every two weeks. They store water and like their dirt dry.
The pot needs drainage holes. Get a pot with drainage holes, and repot with fresh soil. Make sure the soil says it’s for succulents and/or cacti. But don’t use MiracleGro’s succulent soil. It actually holds in water and causes the plant’s roots to rot.
Also, it wouldn’t hurt to but it closer to a window. Try like 3 feet away from a south facing window.
I was thinking about moving it to the south facing window I will do that!
@Godsgreenangel I watered last Monday. Wait till next week?
If it’s the lower leaves it’s fine. Just like your hair they shed old leaves and grow new ones. So long as there’s new growth, there is nothing to be concerned about. Keep up what you’re doing. 🤘
@SimpleSucculent I 2nd this. Never use miraclegro. I only use uni-gro cactus mix if I have to use organic soil.
@laterisers thank you!! As suggested above I moved in near more sunlight and out of the bathroom for less humidity
I wait until it’s asking for water, dry barely wrinkled leaves and dry soil. Make sure they dry out completely between watering.
@patchouliflower thank you!! I’ll give him a good watering once I since a few wrinkles in da leaves