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Silver Splash hoya
I just got my new hoya silver splash from Plant Proper. Unfortunately I was away when it was delivered and by the time I unwrapped it today it is very limp. Will it rebound if I just let it dry out? It’s so beautiful with long vines. I don’t want it to die. Should I do anything else for it? Thanks in advance. #plantproper #PlantMail
When my plants are too wet I like to take the entire root ball out of the pot for a few days to help it dry faster, but I'm not too familiar with hoyas...
You could also try putting a towel/paper towel/etc underneath it to wick some moisture out.
Just give it lots of light and don’t water it for a week or so
@jcPlantProper - thanks!
So was it wet?? Or super dry ?
@jcPlantProper - on the moist side. Soil isn’t dripping in water but definitely moist.
Ok! Yeah it’s been in a box for a while too so it’s prob just a little stressed out too. It’ll be good :)
Follow @jcPlantProper 's advice and it will bounce right back in no time!

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