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Curling Sis

#SatinPothos help!! She’s my fav! I’ve watered her twice after a repot in chunkier mix… why is she curling? Some leaves are looking a tinge yellow as well- overwatering? What’s going on? I waited two weeks to water her and she was still curled from the last watering.
4ft to light, indirect
Last watered 1 month ago
Hi Rachel, welcome to Greg!

When did you repot her? Mine has all been started from cuttings, but the first few leaves usually do this after I take the cutting. It could be adjusting to the repot.
@PlantMompy I agree. repotting is stressful.
A week after watering, stick your finger into the soil and check the moisture. If is still damp wait a few more days and check again. If it’s dry, water.
@PlantMompy how long does this typically last. I’m so sad. Trying to decide if I should chop and prop at this point- she’s still sad
Hmmm, when I started mine from cuttings some stayed that way forever, but new growth was fine.

As long as the leaves don't keep turning yellow I wouldn't fret