Posted 1Y ago by @Lousoasis

Hey lovelies! Does anyone have any tips on how I could bring my child back to life? Thank you :)

2” pot with drainage
Last watered 1 year ago
If is there any older healthy leaf you can try to propagate.
First you want to take him out and see if there is any healty looking root. And cut all rooted ones.
It looks like its too wet, these plants tend to rot very quickly when the soil is wet.
1Y ago
chop and prop! looks really wet, try to cut above all of the yellow and propagate on top of moist soil or perlite
@mora @FunPeanut it looks too wet but the soil itself is dry
1Y ago
i think that the roots are most likely rotten by the looks of the inside. is it the brown part in the middle squishy?
@mora haven’t touched it but sounds like that could be the case
The same happened to mine yesterday. I couldn’t save it. 😭 I hope you have better luck.