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Should I and where should I cut to Propagate my lady prayer she’s getting to heavy or should I repot in a deeper pot?????οΏΌ
You want to cut below the node

Take cuttings just below the nodes closest to the bottom of the stem. Cuttings can be placed in a mixture of moist peat and perlite and covered with plastic to retain moisture levels. You may want to poke a few air holes in the plastic to allow for adequate ventilation as well.

To propagate the prayer plant in water, simply take a clean pair of scissors and cut off a piece below a node. It's important for the node to be included on the cutting because that's where new roots will sprout from. Place that cutting into a jar of room-temperature water so that the node is below the surface. Make sure the scissors are sterilized with rubbing alcohol before making any cuts.
These plants actually spread and vine if given the chance. You can chop and prop under a node, or you can allow it to do its thing. In time, you'll see new growth push up around the base of the plant.

OR you can get a jump on a fuller plant and propagate. I clipped one of mine the other day and popped the stems in a cup of water.

(The water looks wonky, but it's just rainwater that I scooped up from under a cedar tree)
Thank you all for the info I’m going to try and pop them in water and see how it goes..

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