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All downhill from here?

Ahh! My poor Rex is going downhill quick. I noticed a lot of what looked like burned leaves and moved him to a different window that gets less sun. He was on a south facing window and I moved him to an east facing window. I have a tendency to overwater so I really try to hold off on watering unless he is dry. Hes been doing so well and the last like three days has been looking worse and worse. The leaves feel super crunchy at the ends but still soft and pliable in the middles. When I do water him I use filtered water. #Begonia #Begonia
3ft to light, indirect
6” pot with drainage
Last watered 1 month ago
For the most part these guys don’t like direct sun, moving to an east facing window was a good idea. I keep mine kinda far (4-5ft) from my south facing patio window and they are a little dramatic when it comes to water so i would definitely keep the soil a little moist or don’t let it sit in dry soil for too long. You can also try a humidifier near it but don’t let the leaves get/stay wet πŸ‘πŸΌ 🌱
Put her is a zip lock and she will come back they love humidity
@Michelle5986 omg that’s genius. I love this app because I never would’ve thought about that. Thank you!!!!
@Lehhliee I had a humidifier shipped to the house asap lol let’s hope with some humidity and his new window he comes back a little bit
@ImKindaABigDill your welcome hon it was the only way I could get her humidity up