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#HappyPlants #PlantsMakePeopleHappy #PlantAddict #PlantTherapy These leaves on my Fiddle Leaf Fig are definitely turning yellow. How do I fix this problem. It’s not the sun coming I making it look yellow. Any ideas? @RJG @jcPlantProper @sarahsalith
How often are you watering it and how much! That is a HUGE tree and is gonna need lots of water to make sure the soil is saturated. If that’s not the issue, it it root bound and can you fertilize it! Do you wet the leaves daily?
Oh no! πŸ₯Ί I agree with @jcPlantProper though, it could definitely be root bound! He’s so big and beautiful!
omg aunt kiki i had no idea your flf was this big lol
might be a nutrient deficiency or rootbound like the others said! my leafy plants also get yellowed edges when that happens
@jcPlantProper it gets 5 3/4 cups about every 5 to 6 days. It’s not root bound because I purchased a tall pot. I use Happy Happy Houseplants food/fertilizer and sometimes I do wet the leaves. I did that today. @saatwood
@KikiGoldblatt mine that is that big is only happy outside. What way does that window face?
@RJG it’s a south facing window.
They could just be getting old then!
@RJG they are possibly. Thank you.
Hi Ms. @KikiGoldblatt , in my experience, yellow leaves on the fiddle leaf fig usually mean one of two things:
1. A lack of light or fertilizer.
2. A combination of too little light and too much water
@Gei17 it gets plenty of light so that not the case. I use Happy Happy Houseplants food/fertilizer. I also have FLF fertilizer.

Here is Happy Happy Houseplants website. My other FLFs are giving me the same problem, the bottom leaves are showing a slight yellow color too.
@KikiGoldblatt the fertilizer i used for my fiddle leaf is Osmocote 14-14-14 slow release fertilizer.
This fertilizer has a slow release effect of 3-4 months for annuals, perennials, and short term crops.
@Gei17 what about this one?
@Gei17 do you think I need to use that one on my next watering?
@KikiGoldblatt Ma’am, try to observe your fiddle leaf fig before you can give them a fertilizer. ☺️

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