Posted 1M ago by @PunchyDevilsfig

Crispy brown patches on the leaves of my plant. It hangs ...

4โ€ pot with drainage
Last watered 2 weeks ago
Hello! So I've been doing some reading on Tradescantia, supposedly they do not like their leaves wet and will get brown marks if the water sits too long on leaves. I'm not 100 percent this is what's going on here, but its food for thought. It is a beautiful plant!
@PunchyDevilsfig it can also be sun burn from being in to bright lighting, a humidity issue, salt buildup in the soil or too nutrient based, or the water being used like tap water. If you are using tap water try leaving it air out over 24 hours or use purified water, I have browning on an older few stem plant, they are are hardy plants that can keep giving if you take cuttings off and propagate as well. I just added a new one to my oasis and currently propagating a Zebrina which trails because the Nanouk grows upwards and across.