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How do I give my plant more humility
@YoungPandan you can spritz it daily with water and or get a humidifier. Also you can make a pebble tray to help with humidity, fill it with water but don’t let it get to the drainage hole so your plant doesn’t get more water than it needs. If you do that I would still spritz it daily. I did that for my window leaf and my rattlesnake plant.
humidifier!! or if they’re small enough you can put a glass enclosure over them
Best option is to use a humidifier, but to remember air circulation to prevent mould.

Spritzing the plants only creates a humid environment until the water dries and with that you also have to be careful not to let the water sit on the leaves long enough to cause fungal issues.

Plants huddled together also create a little humid environment around themselves. In my bathroom it averages around 70% throughout the day without needing to use my humidifier. I do have over 60 plants in there.

Small plants can also have glass containers put over them or clear plastic containers if you need more space/height! Helps keep some warmth in there too like a little greenhouse

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