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What plant is this?
The hubby came home with theseπŸ˜… and I have no clue what they are or how to plant and care for them. my phone says it’s either a hachtia or an orchid. Help. #WhatPlantIsThis #FREEPLANTS
Looks like a spider plant or something similar
I was going to guess spider plant too but it looks too… meaty. I think hachtia might be the right guess. Where do you live?
Kinda looks like bromeliad leaves.
First pic reminds me of an aloe.
Its too thick to be a spider plant and too thin for a basket plant. I dont thk its an orchid.
Bromeliads! Potentially pineapples! Dunno where you are but these guys are awesome. Shallow root systems and will produce beautiful flowers (maybe even fruit!) but it takes them years to mature. Patience is rewarded. Water them in the little cups that form along the base. Keep them filled with water even though that feels counter intuitive. They are tropical plants and thrive in warm temps with high humidity.
@Colin South Carolina
@Sleepysunday At first I thought they were baby aloes too. But wheb I got closer it wasn’t. The leaves are very hard though.
@AllieTerrarium oooh… the leaves do feel and look like pineapple leaves.😍 that would be awesome if they are.
@Jaymie214 Do some Googles and find them a happy spot! They grow merrily outside in the Southeast (mine thrived in S. FL). I have some bromeliads growing now (S. CA) and I love how quickly they grow greenery.
Thank you everyone. I’m gonna look up the care instructions for all the names y’all mentioned.😊 Then label them all different so I know which one of them I’m treating as such. If that makes sense. lol. We shall see in a couple of months what it really is. lol
@AllieTerrarium OMG! they would look amazing if they are bromeliad.😍 and I have a ton of them.
These are some of my bromeliads. The one on the left was a flowering mother so don’t mind her. They flower once then die but they produce all these pups like the big one on the right/center. The edges might even seem slightly serrated on some of the foliage. But the foliage is stiff.
@AllieTerrarium they do look like that and all you said about the foliage.

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