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Is this a flower stalk!?
A few months ago this poor little plant was put through some serious trauma… I noticed that almost all of violet’s roots were rotten, so I cut them all to avoid rot. I propagate her in water until I worried too much about stem rot, and I moved her to a well- draining moss potting mix. Another month goes by, and behold- a new leaf!! As she is pushing out her second new leaf, I’ve noticed this at the base of the old, blackened leaves. (Don’t worry, they’re just falling off on their own time. 😂)
Is it a flower stalk!? If so, definitely my best success story yet and my first time getting an orchid to re-bloom! ♥️ 🌸 #SpringIntoSummer #PhalaenopsisOrchid #HappyPlants #NewGrowth #PlantsMakePeopleHappy #PlantAddict #PropagationStation #PlantTherapy #GlowUp #OrchidLovers #PLANTMAFIA @Nightshade @kscape @Justbeans
2ft to light, direct
2” pot with drainage
Last watered 6 days ago
I've seen a few flower stalks, but it's too soon to guess for me.

I hope it is!!!
I hope it is too! Looks like a little baby leaf tho 🌱💕
I would say they are much more likely roots, but hard to tell until they grow a bit more. They're epiphytes, so like having their roots not in soil. Flower stems look like this as they are growing. They are very green compared to the pale green of their roots. I have gotten this one to rebloom twice now and with one stem already blooming, it's about to put out two more. Mine lives in leca
@foliagegirl oh, interesting… that would make sense, because there are still no roots as far as I can tell. Would leca be a good medium for mine after this root is a little more mature?
@tango I would honestly take it out of the soil completely and rinse the roots off to avoid rot. I recommend leca, but you will need some synthetic rope to be able to wick water into the leca from the bottom of the pot so the roots can drink when they need.
@foliagegirl ok! So far there are no roots and it’s been in there for about 2 months. I will go buy leca and some rope/string… do I just mix it in with the leca and poke it out the bottom + bottom water?
@tango oh I see, yeah. Just make sure it is synthetic as natural fibres will break down too quickly for wicking water. You kind of weave the rope through the leca as you put the leca in. So have two ropes in there and pop them out of the drainage holes of a nursery pot. I just top water really (making sure the roots sticking out get a little drink in the process, just pour a bit of water into the bottom of the decorative pot it is sitting in when the nursery pot is dry.
They look like roots - if your orchid is rootless/almost rootless this is a good thing! You can promote root growth by increasing humidity around the top of the pot - I usually do this with some sphagnum moss as it holds onto moisture, but you need to be careful not to get moisture near the stem of the plant. Definitely repot into orchid bark or leca. Sometimes it’s too early to tell if it’s a spike or root, but a couple of weeks should help identify it. Spikes have a mitten shape at the end, whereas roots are more rounded.
Once you’re sure it is a spike, I would cut it off as soon as you are able. Blooms in orchids take up a huge amount of energy - if there aren’t enough roots or leaves to support energy production, the orchid will pool all of its limited resources into the blooms - to do this it sheds leaves and roots and ultimately it can lead to the death of the plant, literally because it exhausts all of its energy (I had a sickly orchid and let it spike too early and I lost it). It is always worth sacrificing the blooms for the health of the plant - blooms aren’t the best way to identify whether a phal is healthy! Even the sickest orchids can bloom (and it usually kills them). With phals, leaf and root health will tell you much more about the plant’s health. if you focus on root production, then leaf production, you’re setting it up to one day be able to bloom again! And that will be a fantastic success story!
@foliagegirl ok!! Sounds perfect for this little girl. Thank you!!
@MotherOfOrchids awesome!! Thank you! I think it’s probably a root, but if it is a bloom I will take your advice. No bloom is worth losing the plant! 😁
@tango it’s hard to tell right now but in genral if you look at the very tip roots will kind of smooth, flower stems will have “mitten” look to the end
@Lithopslover oh cool!! Yep, there are 2 now… 😅 and they both are smooth at the top. Just as excited though!! She needed the roots.
Roots are a main way to see the health of your orchid (crown is also extremely important) so healthy roots healthy orchid :)

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