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What To Do

Hii, i recently got this plant and im very new to succulents. i just moved this one near the window hoping it can revive but otherwise the leaves are soggy and about to fall off. I got it like 2-3 days ago and havent watered it. is there anything else i should do? or do i leave it in my window and let it do its thing? #PearlEcheveria
Last watered 1 week ago
This happened to my succulent a while back and I didn’t know what to do either so I googled. It said to make sure the pot gets good drainage but since yours does not have that I’d suggest moving it to a new pot with drainage. Since you just got it, that means wherever you bought it from overwatered it so it’s not your fault. Make sure you arent dealing with root rot (base is mushy or discolored) with a lot of succulents you are to let the soil dry completely before watering it again to prevent that.
You can cut the top off and repot it just make sure you let it callas over for at least 24 hours it will grow back new it sounds like whoever you got it from overwatered.
This happen to mine and this is how she’s looking now
I was going to say the same thing! Keep in mind succulents need sandy or well draining soil… mine do well in porous pots such as terracotta… it will leach excess water out.. they also like smaller pots
Hey @SlinkySandrose it looks like to much water to me especially if the leaves are soggy. I would check the soil often garden centres have them in normal soil which they wont like as this holds too much water. Especially if pot doesn't have any drainage holes. The roots dont like being soggy as theses are like thier noses.
It also looks like the pot is too small, so it would like the next size or two up. Also check that there is no net around the roots this can happen depending where it came from so cut the netting off and put back in the pot.
And you can go a while without watering these typically at least a week.
It looks like it may have been over watered or have root rot. It definitely need more light, echeveria require a lot of light for them to thrive, and grow correctly. It may be too far gone by the looks, but you can always chop and propagate it, if your roots are dark and mushy, or breaking off, it probably has root rot.
Same thing happened to an EcheverrΓ­a I rescued. Take it out of the soil. More than likely is overwatered and in the incorrect soil type. It needs to be under a grow light or under the sun, from the looks of the window it may be too dark. I would start by getting it to fresh new dry soil that’s for succulents, do not water yet.