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to pot or not to pot, that is the question

Is it weird that I constantly change my mind about potting these guys? When I think to myself yes, today is the day I will do it, I go to grab them, see them sitting pretty & something changes. I just love them the way that they are. Will they eventually die from lack of nutrients? Are they better off in the dirt? What do you think? #Monstera #MonsteraMob #SwissCheeseVine #potheads #PropagationStation #PlantTherapy
2” pot
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I say pot it in a aroid mix and put it on a pole to climb! πŸ₯° You can always do a liquid fertilizer in your water if you're afraid of lack of nutrients 😊 I only use water for props ... I haven't ever used it as a main substrate before.

Here's mine in a aroid mix, leaves are getting bigger as it climbs. πŸ₯°
@melodey yeah, it definitely can use some structure! Okay I hear you! Thanks πŸ™‚
They are beautiful!
@melodey omg share your secrets!
@Mommy thank you! I do know they’ll be beautiful regardless of my decision, so that comforts me 😌
@Harat9 they're beautiful now, and when they grow they'll be even more beautiful 😍 if you let them hang or let them climb the Adansonii is an absolute dime piece of a plant, and a great addition to any collection!
@Mommy I water when Greg tells me (Greg has learned this plants watering algorithm.... I honestly don't know it I just do as I'm told) hahahaha. I also have it in a chunky aroid mix and give it bright indirect light.

You can put it on a moss pole and it will really thrive!
@melodey thank you!
@Harat9 hello my fellow Kailua Kona peep
@HiPlantGuy hi plant guy! So cool you’re on the big island too, usually when I meet people online from hawaii they’re on another island!
@melodey yeah these two are from my old plant that I just never seemed to find the right οΏΌrhythm with, it would thrive and then slow & get leggy, I think it needed a bigger pot & more space but I ended up just cutting it up, this is probably why I’m hesitant to make it a single plant again. But it’s probably time!
@Harat9 is it getting enough light? Usually when they get leggy like they they're trying to reach and find light. Maybe it'll thrive a little bit better in a more well lit area... Unless it's in it's most lit area already πŸ˜…
@melodey the two pictured here in water are all I have left of the mama plant lol you may be right, I was moving it around and yes at times it probably wasn’t getting the proper light. Now that I have Greg I’m sure it’ll thrive once I put them in soil again.
Just give them liquid fertilizer in their water. I use Fox Farms Grow Big mixed to ΒΌ - Β½ strength (depending on the time of year), fill the container around ΒΌ - β…“ of the way with fert and then the rest plain water and all my water plants are thriving (:
@WickedValkyrie i agree! if you want to keep them in water, fertilize! or you can put them@in lecca:)
How in the world did you get them to grow such a great root structure? I've been trying to propagate some new strands of my adansonii for months, the cuttings seem healthy and keep growing leaves but haven't sprouted any roots, it's so strange!