Posted 1M ago by @BuffBulrush

How often should I water my plant? The leaf is falling. I water every couple weeks currently.
This is an Elephant Ear right? A type of Alocasia?
@rynroxx that’s what I think too. I’d water it when the top once or so of soil is dry.
@rynroxx yes it is an elephant ear plant
Any suggestions on how to keep it healthy?
@BuffBulrush Well my Alocasia 'Sarian' Does like to be root bound in the pot. However if it's grown to more than twice it's size it may be time for a repot. When did you get it? Alocasia species also like bright indirect sunlight, and are very prone to root rot in my experience. I would water it almost when the leaves begin to droop, and you may want to check the pot for root rot so you can treat it.

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