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Is this mosaic virus?
hi all! I got this guy from #lowes and thought the leaves were like this due to being mishandled and poor watering but now I’m second guessing myself. Is this #mosaicvirus and please say no! But if it is, what do I do to “fix” it? #Philodendron
5” pot
Last watered 5 days ago
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I doubt it's the mosaic virus. But once you learn about it and look it up, you'll think you see it in many of your plants. Been there, done that. 😉

I'd venture to say that your plant isn't getting enough light. These need a LOT of light. My Xanadu and my Split Leaf looked like yours before I put them outside. Once they were outside for a while, all the new growth was PERFECT.

I have a 50% shade cloth outside and my plants have more than doubled in size since they've been outside. (:
I don't know what kind it is...
But that's a BEAUTY 💞💞
Is the veinage in all the leaves yellowing? If not cut the affected leaves off. If it is, it can infect your other plants. Do you have anywhere you can isolate the plant? You can keep an eye on it, see if the syptoms progress. Regardless of the variety be it a Xanadu or an Elephant ear its beautiful but there is unfortunately no cure for the Mosaic virus and if it’s infected it will spread. They can create unique patterns on the leaves and on occassion do not affect the plants vigor. Practice good sanitation after handling that plant if you decide to isolate it so you don’t spread any pathogens. Good luck and I hope it’s not Mosaic virus 😞
Well I was apparently not getting notifications for some reason so I’m sorry for the delay! Thank you all! Somehow I also didn’t post the plant itself in the question 🤦🏻‍♀️ I’m a hot mess LOL @WiseDidelta Thank you! It’s a Xanadu 🙂 @JuJuBeans no yellowing veins…this mosaic virus is quite the scary thing! @sarahsalith that’s exactly what happened, I saw some stuff about mosaic virus, I did some research and BAM I’m thinking this poor guy is infected! I’m going to try more light! Though I think it’s already working since I separated it from the rest and have supplemented the move with a grow light and I feel like it’s starting to look better 🤔

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