Posted 1M ago by @TycoonCorncob

What is this plant?

#GhostPlant? The app says ghost plant, but I don't think so. Does anyone know what it is?
10ft to light, indirect
2” pot with drainage
Last watered 6 days ago
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If it is a Ghost Plant, I wonder if this is it showing characteristics of etoliation.
I have no clue
I got it given to me. The person said it is orger ears. But idk
That could be the also gave me a spider that showed signs of lack of light
@TycoonCorncob Hmm, it doesn’t look like Ogre’s Ears (Crassula Ovata) to me. In my experience, Ogre’s Ears are more tubular like this image.
Though, that’s just my two cents. Hopefully someone sees this and can help you properly identify it!
The Ghost Plant identifier confuses me also; I suspect it’s just general and there are variants. My ghost plant is doing something similar to yours - every time it gets a nice rosette, it starts dropping leaves and stretching, which I have started propagating. It seems to like to hang/almost vine.
It looks like Ghost plant needing some direct sun!!